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Over the past several years, we have successfully managed many recladding projects. Including complete reclads that have been leaky buildings, working with the council, home owners, original builders and consultants to ensure a resolution and that the home owners investment is protected. As well as make overs and transformations to create fresh looks for your home.

Some plaster homes built in the 80’s and 90’s and even early 2000’s are at risk of being a leaky home. Is yours one of them? These homes can create financial burdens and health hazards to you and your family. We at AW Builders have the experience in dealing and repairing these homes.

Repairing a Leaky Building

AW Builders will follow the following steps for assessing a leaky building:
1. Assessment and inspection of the building, identifying defects causing leaks and the likely damage. A recommendation repair report is prepared.
2. We will work with a designer and other experts where necessary to obtain a building consent
3. The Building Commissions Authority reviews the documentation and issues a building consent
4. AW Builders will carry out the repair work. We will keep a close track of amendments that may arise, or you require throughout the project.
5. Once the work is completed within consent, a code of compliance will be obtained